Making relationship investment

Relationships matter.

When we started Bandit, it was the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Couples went from spending an average of 2.5 hours together each day to months quarantined together with no break in sight. Now, more than ever, we realize as a culture that investing in our partnerships is the best investment we can make.

Our mission is to provide greater access to relationship health resources because when we deepen our relationships - it creates a positive impact not just in our own homes but globally.

That starts with more accessibility and an earlier start.

Here's how.

With Your Partner

Looking for easy and affordable ways to take a course together? Check out our digital courses here to grow your relationship.

With Your People

Group counseling is an effective way to connect with others navigating similar challenges. Check out our group premarital workshops here.

With a Pro

This Fall, we’re working on launching our marketplace so you can find and easily book a couples’ counselor directly through our platform.

Our beta features courses to provide an affordable and accessible way to jump into relationship health, and we’re so excited to launch new features like our listings in 2021.

About Us

Amy Shack Egan headshot

Amy Shack Egan

Co-Founder | CEO

Amy spent the last 6 years working with hundreds of couples through her successful alternative wedding planning company in NYC. After seeing the wedding industry up close, she started to ask herself: with so many wedding tools, why don't we extend the same support to our relationships?

Eugene Wang headshot

Eugene Wang

Co-Founder | COO

Eugene has spent his career as an analyst, software engineer and product manager at companies like The Blackstone Group and The New York Times. Most recently, he was the COO at a hardware tech start-up. With the cost of the COVID-19 pandemic weighing heavy on relationships, he started wondering: how could we use technology to better meet a couple's needs?

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