10 Easy Recipes for a Quarantine Date Night

January 28, 2021

Cooking together can be a great way to connect. Running out of go-to recipes? Hear from our Bandit couples and what they’re fixing in their kitchens together if you need a little inspiration for easy go-to recipes.

Turn on a romantic, jazzy playlist and turn up the heat - remember, messy is good. It means you’re having a little fun.

My favorite recipe to make is shakshuka and crusty bread. This is an incredibly low effort but absolutely delicious meal that I love because it means a trip to the farmers market! Oh, and don't overcook the eggs - they're best when runny!

A+K, been together 1 year

White Rice + BBQ Chicken: white rice + bbq chicken with hot sauce (tapatio or cholula are my favs) mixed in. The easiest and MOST delicious meal. No specific recipe just put chicken breast or chicken thigh in a bag, squirt in bbq sauce (& hot sauce if you want), squish the bag around so it gets marinated, then grill! Then put chicken over white rice - add more bbq and/or hot sauce and mix all together!

E+T, together 6 months

Mark Weinberg

We love to make a big ass frittata when we have people over. we usually wing it based on what we've got and what's in season, but this one has served as a good foundation.

H + J, been together 2 years

Hibachi Style Chicken! We fell in love with it when we were doing Whole 30 together and whenever we cook it we are reminded that food can be REALLY good and still really healthy! Whenever we make this it sparks a conversation over dinner about taking care of ourselves and how we can support each other in that journey. A+M, been together 5 years

A+M, been together 5 years

Baked Japanese Sweet Potato Fries! Even though its a super simple recipe that we make really often, it feels sort of unique to us. Neither of our parents make them, not many of our friends, but we make it all the time and that makes it special

C+J, been together 3 years

Pasta alle Vongole: comfort food at its finest.

J+S, Been together 12 years


Waffles! We just got the waffle maker from our wedding registry and it makes me so happy. His family made pancakes every sunday growing up; my mom & I started making waffles together after we read Everything On a Waffle in my book club (that she and the other moms organized!). To me, it feels like combining and making our own family traditions. We'll probably experiment with other recipes, but this one is doing the trick right now!

S+A, been together 10 years

Grilled Lime Salmon with Avocado-Mango Salsa and Coconut Rice: Easy, healthy, delicious and lots of chopping! So, one partner is on sous-chef duty.

L+S, been together 35 years

Anything from "Dinner for Two Cookbook" - my partner and I made it into a relationship diary and we take notes in the margins, grade the recipes and even tape polaroid pictures into the book.

A+J, been together 6 years

Zucchini Patties! My partner and I are vegetarian and this is an easy, at-home recipe that we make often. Plus, load it up with toppings - the limit for toppings does not exist.

Z+A, been together 10 years


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