Bandit's Premarital Workshop: All the Details!

July 02, 2021

Marriage is full of surprises . . let's make sure that they are the good kind!

Get on the same page with our all new premarital workshop! Keep reading to learn ALL the details!

How does the workshop work?

You pick a time slot for the 6 weekly virtual sessions.

○ Mondays (starting July 12, ending August 16) from 7 to 8:30 pm EST

○ Wednesdays (starting July 21, ending August 25) from 7 to 8:30 pm EST

You will cover a wide array of topics, including:

○ Communication, Finances, Child Raising, and so much more! 

You show up along with 3 other couples. (Yes, only 3! We wanted to create a small, intimate environment so that you have the opportunity to build a strong relationship with the other couples as well as our amazing host!) Each week, you’ll dive into a core concept with our wonderful host, Hope Mirlis!

What makes this workshop different than therapy?

When you get your license, you spend a year learning to drive. When you buy a house, you consult a realtor. When you get pregnant, you take a birth class. When you decide to get married, you should do your homework together to make sure you're laying a solid foundation! The workshop is more like an educational course than therapy. Cover the big bases now to avoid future headaches!

Introducing Hope Mirlis, the host of our premarital workshop!

Hope Mirlis is a couple's counselor and wedding officiant who has 10+ years of experience counseling and supporting couples on their journey to marriage. Her counseling approach is rooted in inclusivity, practicality, and kindness. Interested in learning more about Hope? Visit her Instagram page to see all of the amazing work that she has done + continues to do on a daily basis!

There are only a few spots remaining . . claim your spot today!

Are you ready to give your marriage the best shot that you possibly can? If so, we encourage you to sign up for our premarital workshop! There are only a few spots left. The cost for this amazing 6 week long workshop is $600, which is only $100 per session! Don't sleep on this deal, claim your spot today! (& sleep better knowing that you are about to do everything you can to set up your marriage for success.)

Questions that aren’t answered here? Send us a note and we’d be glad to answer it for you:


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