10 Couples Share Their Best Advice When "Moving In Together"

January 21, 2021

Moving in together is an exciting step in any relationship but let’s face it, sharing a bathroom or sharing household chores gets REAL - fast.

Listen up to what these couples have to say on moving in together.

No phones in the bed rule made us more intimate more often.

E+T, been together 2 years

Talk about money early and often - get on the same page as soon as possible!

A+J, been together 6 years

Create a roommate agreement to lay out norms/shared chores in the beginning.

O+O, been together 2 years

Make the physical space reflect BOTH partners - redecorate or even just rearrange furniture

E+J, been together 4 years

Take your time setting up your space. It may not fall into place right away and that’s okay - don’t rush it. Let yourself, as a couple, accumulate shared stuff.

J+A, been together 5 years

Normalize silence in the apartment. Doesn’t mean you’re failing - quiet time is important!

S+R, been together 10 years

Have the same conversation you have with any other roommate!

D+B, been together 6 years

Communication is the most important thing. Also, don’t forget. It’s supposed to be fun!

A+T, been together 8 years

Set initial expectations of labor division. You’ll avoid fights later.

S+B, been together 7 years

There’s going to be a lot of pooping happening. It’s ok, just get some poo pourri.

S+H, been together 15 years


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