How to Uninvite People to Your Wedding During Coronavirus

April 02, 2021

Planning a wedding is stressful enough in normal times … add COVID-19 to the mix and you’ve added an incredible amount of logistics, new guidelines, and protocols to your walk off into the sunset. Just take NY state for example and it’s guidelines, which include “pod dancing” and no more than 150 guests indoors with mandatory testing or vaccine proof! 

One of the unfortunate realities of wedding planning right now is the fact that you may need to downsize your guest count to adhere to state or venue guidelines. This might feel awkward especially if you’ve already sent save-the-dates! 

When it comes time to send your invitations [around 6-8 weeks out from your event], consider two options: 1) A regular invitation for those still invited and 2) A card letting your would-have-been-guests know what’s up - an “un-save the date” of sorts. Not sure what language to use? We’ve got some great options to choose from below if you’re stuck! 

For the formal notice:

We have made the heartbreaking choice to cancel our invitation to you and limit guests to adhere to current capacity restrictions and put health and safety first. Please know that we love you dearly and wish you could be there on our wedding day. Thank you for your understanding! 

For the not-so-formal-we-want-to-be-a-little-funny-notice:

This is a notice to un-save our wedding date! Never received an un-save the date? We hadn’t heard of them either until, well, coronavirus. We’re saddened not to party with you in person this year but we feel your love from afar - specifically, at least 6 feet distance. Be well! 

For the “we still want registry gifts” notice - which is totally valid:

Due to the on-going pandemic, we’ve made the difficult decision to limit our guest count to adhere to the current capacity restrictions. We’re so sad not to celebrate with you in-person but we hope you understand. If you’re feeling emotional, like us, and want to channel that energy in a positive direction, here’s our registry link: LINK. We love you all! 

Use this copy as inspiration to craft your own and feel free to pull from all three! Ultimately, you chose to invite these people because they love + support you - so, univiting them in a global pandemic that’s entirely out of your control is not fair game for them to hold it against you. It’s for the greater good! 

More wedding questions? Struggling to plan this party? Wedding Planner Expert, Amy Shack Egan of Modern Rebel has an entire course designed to help you pull it off + have fun while doing it! Check it out here.


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