An Interview with the Money, Mindset, and Marriage Course Creators

March 04, 2021

We sat down with Money, Mindset, and Marriage Course Creators, Jelisha Gatling of Let's Unpack Therapy and Ta'Donna Nagle of Legendary Wealth Builders to get their take on the why behind this course - why it matters to them and why it matters for couples.

Q: Why should couples take this course?

Couples should take this course, because conflict in finances is one of the top reasons why couples split.  Getting in front of financial issues and getting on the same page with finances is very important.  We’re typically taught to keep quiet about finances like it’s a secret we can’t let out.  However, when you’re in union with someone your finances are now intertwined, and what one person does with their money will ultimately affect the other. You want to set financial goals and guidelines upfront to avoid potential conflict later. - Ta'Donna Nagle

Q: How will this course strengthen a relationship?

The practices & tools provided in this course are a game changer far beyond just helping  couples to prosper in their financial goals.  The course strengthens communication skills, which will be a huge asset in supporting couples as when they experience transitions and life curveballs, money-related or not.  So many of the course themes and communication frameworks can be applied to strengthen conflict resolution skills overall, which is key in maintaining connectedness and harmony in a relationship. - Jelisha Gatling

Q: What do you think is the biggest value to this course?

One of the biggest value to the course is having the conversations upfront about finances and our mindset around them.  I believe this will get couples closer together to start thinking about how they want to build their future together.  It allows them to get intentional about setting future goals together and what is required financially to bring those goals to fruition.  - Ta'Donna Nagle

Q: How often do you see couples dealing with money issues?

Although money is one of the top stressors in relationships, I find that couples don’t tend to lead with that as contributing factor in relationship stress or  their reason for coming to therapy.  They often minimize or dismiss the impact of money and tend to focus on other facets of the relationship.  Oftentimes, I initiate by inviting the couple to explore their relationship with money to open up a dialogue in a safe space.  Ongoing unresolved financial problems often translate into disconnection, mistrust, depression and anxiety.  Increased conflict and discord can increase in other aspects of the relationship (i.e. fighting over parenting styles or chores, etc.) especially when couples avoid discussing financial issues at all. - Jelisha Gatling

Q: Why are you excited for couples to take this course?

I’m most excited for couples to take this course because it’s an opportunity for them to have a positive healthy relationship with money.  I get so much fulfillment helping couples to transform from feeling anxiety at the mention of “money” to feeling empowered.  I am excited for couples to feel aligned on their financial goals and to feel comfortable talking about all facets of money with each other in a supportive loving space. - Jelisha Gatling

Q: When should couples take this course?

Couples should take this course in the beginning of their marriage so they can get a head start having these conversations. But there's no wrong time to start the conversation about getting aligned on your finances. But it’s probably best to take the course before ish hits the fan! - Ta'Donna Nagle

Q: What should couples expect from this course? What practical tips will they take away?

Couples should expect to receive some basic money management principles that will help them navigate them through some very important financial conversations and concepts.  Couples will also receive some practical tools and worksheets that will be able to give them the ground work to get started in managing their money together and planning for the future. - Ta'Donna Nagle

Q: Why did you want to be a part of this course?

I want to be a part of this course because I am passionate about money management and building wealth.  I always had a strong handle on managing my own money, but when I got married I had to now think about combining finances and financial decisions which I didn’t have to do before.  I see how important it is to set goals with your partner and have a dialogue around how money will be spent and allocated.  I’m still the CFO in the relationship, however I make sure my partner is well aware of the game plan. - Ta'Donna Nagle

This course means a lot to me because just a couple of years ago, I had a transformative experience with my relationship to money. I was fascinated how much money impacted all contexts of my life and I wanted to share what I’d learned with anyone who struggled to talk about or manage money.  I get so much fulfillment helping couples experience money in an empowered confident way as a team.  This course was a way to pass on some of the gems that have helped me and so many of my clients grow closer to their partners.  - Jelisha Gatling


The Money, Mindset, and Marriage Course via Bandit is an 8 module course designed for couples to take on their own time. Designed by a couples' therapist and financial coach, the course navigates the emotional complexities of talking about money while also providing practical tips and tricks for keeping your budget and future goals in check.


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