An Interview with the Getting Ready for Marriage Course Creator

March 11, 2021

We sat down with Money, Mindset, and Marriage Course Creators, Jelisha Gatling and Ta'Donna Nagle to get their take on the why behind this course - why it matters to them and why it matters for couples.

Q: What is your background and why do you think it's important couples invest in this course?

I am a relationship and wellbeing coach who has been supporting people with their relationships for the last 13 years.  I have advanced degrees in Psychology and in Sexuality and Health. In addition to that I have professional experience in the matchmaking world and the wedding industry.  I have seen the issues that can come up for couples (and individuals) when they haven’t created the time or space to get aligned on certain issues and areas of life before, after or during the decision to get married/take the next step with one and other.  When people avoid or forget to have these conversations it isn’t always because the are looking to fly blindly into their future it can be because they aren’t sure what types of conversations they should be having or more specifically what kind of questions they should be asking their partner or themselves.

Q: What do you think is the biggest value add to taking this course?

Questions and conversations that you can take with you for check ins throughout the course of your relationship.  You can come back to these conversations time and time again as the business of your life continues to roll.  There are also tools like the conflict to connection script that can help you structure tough conversations in a way that feels organized when your emotions might be feeling all over the place.

Q: Anything couples would be surprised to find in this course?

A lot of the work is done together but there is a good amount of time that you will have to ponder and answer these questions on your own.  Working on keeping your relationship healthy isn’t only about what you do together but what you do on your own.  This is by design!

Also the section that focuses on your erotic life, not just the mechanics of your sex life but your fantasy, desire and how these conversations are key in keeping things hot.

Q: Why is a digital course a good option for couples?

You can do this course from the comfort of anywhere!  It is self directed so you can take as long as you like to complete it.  Some moments in life will be busier than others and this makes room for that.  Some topics might take longer for you to wrap your heads and hearts around that and the digital format takes that into consideration as well.  That being said - if you find yourself procrastinating - check in with each other about that as well!  Also a lot of these conversations can be had over and over again as the years roll out before you.

Q: Why are you excited for couples to take this course?

I’m most excited for couples to take this course because it’s an opportunity for them to have a positive healthy relationship with money.  I get so much fulfillment helping couples to transform from feeling anxiety at the mention of “money” to feeling empowered.  I am excited for couples to feel aligned on their financial goals and to feel comfortable talking about all facets of money with each other in a supportive loving space. - Jelisha Gatling

Q: Where can couples find you + connect with you further after the course?

My website: and @shulamelamed on all social platforms. They can also email me:


The Pre-Marriage Course via Bandit is a 7 module course designed for couples to take on their own time. Designed by a couples' therapist, the course navigates topics you must talk about prior to making a big commitment together. Whether you're about to be married, contemplating getting married or just married - this course is for you.


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