5 Questions to Consider if You’re Planning a Wedding During a Pandemic

February 09, 2021

Planning a wedding is hard enough. Throw a totally unpredictable pandemic into the mix? Now that is one stiff cocktail.

If you’re one of the many newly engaged couples, it’s a time to celebrate not stress! Here are 5 questions from seasoned wedding planner of Brooklyn based event planning co., Modern Rebel, and Bandit Co-Founder, Amy Shack Egan on what you should be considering as you navigate your next steps.

1. Why are you getting married?

Why are you getting married? Is it to celebrate your union with a bunch of friends and family? Is it to honor a public acknowledgement in a semi-private way? Is it a mixture of both? Tax reasons are a valid reason but maybe you still want a bangin’ party? Understand your why and once you’ve done that, it will help you know the next piece of the puzzle: timing. If you want to tie the knot quickly - elope, go micro or do something private sooner rather than later. Want to throw a big bash? Then … go to question #2.

2. Who are you inviting to your wedding?

A lot of international guests? Plan for 2022. Mostly local? Fall 2021 seems like a reasonable option. Remember: just because the vaccine may be widely available, international travel may be impacted so keep this in mind if most guests are coming from out of town or out of the country.

3. Where do you want to get married?

Locally? Abroad? Begin talking to these venues to understand their current booking process. Due to COVID-19 some venues are booking far in advance and other venues are totally pausing new bookings! It’s important to ask and to also understand if you book, what’s their rescheduling policy in the worst case scenario?

4. What are you imagining?

Due to the pandemic, 2021 will likely be fraught with reimagined catering stations, some guests wearing masks, and more event considerations that you may not be able to fathom right now. If you’re imagining a totally pandemic free event, cocktail style service or super dense dance floors in an indoor location, then look to 2022 and beyond. If your current wedding dreams include a small group gathering for a romantic dinner party, 2021 still feels like a safe bet - barring some considerations laid out above [guest count, international travel, etc.].

5. Do you need support?

Most people have never planned a wedding before and to plan a wedding during a global pandemic? It’s no small feat! Most planners offer consultations or a la carte options if you’re not ready to book full service but definitely get the help you need! Event planners have been in the weeds on navigating weddings during the pandemic since this started so there is no need to walk this path alone!


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