Wedding Planning 101 for the Modern Couple

Amy Shack Egan


CEO & Founder of Modern Rebel

Course Overview

Goals, Values, Priorities

Getting Prepped


Tracking Tasks

Hotel Room Blocks

Booking Vendors

Guest Communication



What comes to mind when you think of wedding planning? For most people, it’s one word: stressful. Budgets. Guest Lists. Traditions. Floorplans. Weather Contingency Plans. Vendors. Timelines. Did your stress levels just rise thinking of some of the many things you have to consider for this “big day”? You’re not alone. In a recent study, 96% of 500 recently engaged couples reported wedding planning to be stressful and half of those people used the word “very” or “extremely” to describe it.

This course is here to guide you through the maze of wedding planning so you can spend more time focusing on the partnership than on the plans. Not sure how to get from A to B but don’t have the budget for a wedding planner? This course is specifically designed to ensure you cover all your bases, feel confident, and stay true to you + your partner’s values and priorities.

Amy Shack Egan, your wedding planning expert, starts with step one and takes you all the way to the wedding day. The course will set you up for success, provide interactive quizzes to illuminate priorities for you and your partner, and give you tips and tricks along the way. Wedding planning doesn’t have to be stressful - it can be fun! This course is designed to keep it fun and productive so you two can arrive on the wedding day stronger than ever.

What's Included

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Learn from licensed relationship professionals



Downloadable resources for you to use outside the course



Discover more about you and your partner



Collaborate on these questions together


Module 1

Goals, Values, Priorities

60 mins

  • Laying the Foundation

  • Assessment on Goals

  • Assessment on Values

  • Assessment on Priorities

  • The Foundation is Set

  • One-Sheeter: Goals, Values and Priorities

Module 2

Getting Prepped

30 mins

  • Crafting a Guest List

  • Guest List Template

  • Start a Wedding Website

  • Building Your Wedding Website

  • FAQs for Your Wedding Website

Module 3


60 mins

  • Building a Budget

  • Quiz on Budget Priorities

  • Getting Started on Your Budget

  • Budget Template

Module 4

Tracking Tasks

30 mins

  • The importance of tracking tasks

  • Quiz on Work Style

  • Building a Planning Timeline

  • Planning Timeline Template

Module 5

Hotel Room Blocks

45 mins

  • What Are They + Why?

  • Quiz on Hotel Room Blocks

  • You’ve booked your blocks! Now What?

Module 6

Booking Vendors

30 mins

  • Building Your Vendor Team

  • Go-To Questions When Booking Your Vendors

Module 7

Guest Communication

60 mins

  • Save the Dates + Invitations!

  • Quiz on Guest Communication

Module 8


30 mins

  • What’s a “Day-Of” Coordinator?

  • Questions to Consider When Hiring a Coordinator for Your Event

About The Instructor

Hi, I'm Amy!

Amy Shack Egan is the CEO & Founder of Modern Rebel, one of the fastest growing wedding planning companies in the U.S. based out of Brooklyn, NY. Founded in 2015, Shack Egan has worked with over 250+ couples to plan their weddings with ease, style, and their partnership at the forefront.

Amy Shack Egan

CEO & Founder of Modern Rebel


This course includes:

  • Lifetime access for both you and a partner

  • Hours of video and content

  • Interactive quizzes and resource library

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