Let’s transform relationship health together.

We believe access to professional help is a key component to thriving relationships. Unfortunately, there are many barriers to seeking a relationship health service provider and right now it’s not easy for couples to find a couples’ therapist. Our hope is a more modern approach to finding and booking a couples’ therapist.

Find New Clients

Our platform brings together people looking to invest in their relationship health. We help qualify client leads and connect you with the best matches.

Grow Your Brand

Marketing yourself in an increasingly digital world is tough to navigate. So, we've decided to bring partnerships to you rather than the other way around. Our platform makes your specialities and identifications clear - to attract awesome couples and keep your business thriving.

Expand Your Services

Millenial and Gen Z couples are increasingly interested in investing in their relationships but they want options outside of the hour-long-in-person couch sit. We’re excited to collaborate with our providers on new ideas to make relationship health more accessible.

We have big plans for this year. A tech platform that’s built with providers in mind.

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