Marriage is full of surprises - let's make sure they're the good kind.

Get on the same page with our premarital workshop.

How does the workshop work?

You pick a time slot for the 6 weekly virtual sessions.

We offer a range of dates to make sure the sessions fit into your schedule.

You show up along with 3 other couples.

Each week, you’ll dive into a core concept with Hope Mirlis, a NYC couple’s counselor who’s been working with couples for the last 10+ years.

You do the work now and save yourself lots of headaches later.

At the end of this experience, you'll know you've done what you can to set up your marriage for success.

Yes, it's really that easy!

Okay, okay — but what’s included specifically?

As we get started on the Premarital Counseling journey, let’s take stock to see where you are in your relationship. Hearing the experience of other couples here is usually rather empowering and validating. We will then move into the topic of communication. If you cannot fully share what you need, as well as authentically listen to your partner, it’s impossible to discuss the rest of the session topics.

What’s important to you and your partner? How do you make sure to keep them active in the marriage? We will then take a step back and look at your childhood and upbringing. What traditions do you want to bring into the family you create together and what may you want to avoid?

Today will talk through what each of you bring to the relationship, as well as the responsibilities involved. We then take a deep dive into all things money. We will look at habits and beliefs first before moving into the logistics of merging your finances.

Strong relationships are created with deep connection. When do you feel most connected to your partner? How do you like to receive love? What do you like to do together? Are you satisfied with your sex life?

Today we will talk through spirituality and religion, as well as your hopes for the future. We will then take a deep dive into your roles as parents and the logistics around having children.

Every group counseling workshop has their own dynamics based on the couples participating. We may take longer with one topic and speed through another. Today’s session is a placeholder for anything not covered in previous sessions, as well as a chance to ask any and all questions. We will end with a discussion around what imperative to have in the marriage, and what is not acceptable.

Meet Hope, our amazing workshop host.

Hope Mirlis is a couple’s counselor and wedding officiant who has 10+ years of experience counseling and supporting couples on their journey to marriage. She has a super strength for connecting with couples and getting to the heart of the issues - with empathy and encouragement. Her counseling approach is rooted in inclusivity, practicality, and kindness.

What couples have to say about Hope

Hope has been an incredible resource for us.

We felt we were in a great place before we got married, but we’re so glad we came in for pre-martial counseling. It has only helped us with communication, listening, and working through obstacles. We appreciate Hope so much & would recommend her to anyone getting married!


I cannot imagine preparing for marriage without Hope’s insight and guidance.

She helped me and my fiancee navigate some very important (and sometimes difficult) topics that we would never have thought of otherwise. Through our counseling sessions, she learned so much about us as a couple, and incorporated this knowledge into our ceremony. Because of her care, attention, and presence, what could have been a mundane ritual was transformed into a hand-tailored ceremony and a true celebration.


Should we keep going?

... okay one more ...

This isn’t easy work to do and you have really put us to task...

I know I feel stronger and more intentional about my relationship, and am so grateful for all of the prompts and questions you posed to us. Simply meditating on the things we discussed and the assignments you had us try was enough to really help me find a deeper well of understanding… The words “thank you” aren’t enough… You are a light!



Couples who cancel at least 14 days prior to the event receive a full refund. Those who cancel less than 14 days prior to the event receive a refund less any necessary processing fees.

It’s highly recommended that you select a workshop where you can attend all 6 sessions. If for some reason, you have to miss a session, you have the option of making up the session in another workshop, or scheduling an individual session with Hope (for a $150 fee).

The power of group sessions is the camaraderie of going through the premarital counseling journey with 3 other couples. Not only that, but couples who are going through the same thing you are, at the exact same time. In 1:1 sessions, what other couples may be doing and the decisions they make is shared from a second hand point of view. In the group workshop, you are able to share these in real time together, as each topic is discussed.

Specifics of each session are listed above. But in general you can expect to reflect and share, dig deep and be surprised. But more importantly, you can be sure to add a whole bunch of new tools to your relationship tool box!

Yes, you will have personal time with Hope in each session. This may be dedicated time as we discuss a certain topic as a group. Or through the power of Zoom, it may be Hope visiting each Breakout room to give each couple personal attention.

Yes. Premarital Counseling is a process. There is power in spending time working on your relationship, as well as supporting the other couples going through it with you.

Yes. Sometimes there are tasks that you’ve been putting off, that Hope will hold you accountable to completing. And most weeks there are assignments to do either individually or as a couple that we will discuss in the following session.

Questions that aren’t answered here? Send us a note and we’d be glad to answer it for you:

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